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Headquarters for Commonwealth Youth Council & Commonwealth Youth Networks


Work Space Model

Co-Working Spaces for International Organisations working with youth


Virtual Office Space

Virtual office spaces for Commonwealth Venture Capital Clubs/Angel Investors.


Capacity building

Open Spaces to facilitate capacity building workshops & youth activism activities



#FutureLab to harness creativity & innovation within Commonwealth & International Community


Education Hub

Commonwealth Youth Innovation Centre (supported by UN & Research, Commonwealth Youth Division) organizes events, masterclasses, workshops; develops tools and methodologies and making research and outcomes accessible




City-to-city cooperation, cooperation platforms, data maturity, egovernment, engagement, multilevel governance, open data, open innovation, publicpublic cooperation, public-private cooperation, public services, service integration, transparency.


Circular Economy

Blue economy (river), business model, closed loop, design for circularity, eco-design, food, green industry, industrial symbiosis, job creation, low carbon, logistic for circularity, material flow, packaging, plastics, product as service, productive cities, re-cycling, regenerative system, refurbish, remanufacturing, resource efficiency, re-use, repair, supply chain, textile, urban mining, zero waste.



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cycling, electric vehicle, integration platforms, intelligent transport systems, mobility as a service, multimodal transport system, nonmotorized mobility, parking, pedestrian strategy, public transport, real-time data, shared transportation, sustainable urban mobility, traffic management, transport hubs, transportation networks, walkable, mobility visa.


Safe Cities

Cybersecurity, data protection and privacy, disaster recovery, emergencies, legislation, public safety, regulation, resilience, risk management, security technologies, surveillance.



Air pollution, alternative resources, climate change, energy, geoinformation, green areas, green building, intelligent building systems, greenhouse gas emissions, housing, lighting, low carbon, open space, population growth, public space, regeneration, regional development, renewable energy, rural development.



Ageing population, cocity, cocreation, co-production, culture, digital divide, education, e-health, e-learning, empowerment, equity, gender, health, inclusive, inequality, knowledge, living labs, participation, population growth, quality of life, social innovation, social services, wellbeing.


Data & Technology

Advanced analytics, big data, block chain, business intelligence, cloud, city platform, computer networking, data center, data management, data visualization, digital modelling, disruptive technologies, robotics, sensors & connectivity, service integration, software development, telecommunications.



Commonwealth Youth City draws upon the five stages approach of discovery, ideation, pilot, implementation and replication.




To fulfil our mission of rejuvenating cities, we support community-driven initiatives through the public grants programme alongside implementing our own management initiatives in partnership with local and international partners. These initiatives typically fall into one of five themes: Space Activation, Public Realm Improvements, Content and Culture Curation, Capacity Building and Research & Advocacy.




  • Reducing the rate of migration of youth from rural areas to big cities.
  • Provide opportunities for the youth in order to improve the standard of living and development in semi-urban and thereby to turn the area into a hub for urban youth.
  • Attract more investors and developers to build houses and business centers affordable for youth by youth.
  • Increase tourism activity and the number of sites in semi-urban areas because tourists would be interested to go to a place that is filled with programs and activities implemented by youth.
  • Offset the rising cost of living, especially to the rural youth with the existence of youth friendly ecosystem.


  • The Commonwealth Youth City will provide a comprehensive ecosystem for youth to increase the capacity and the progress of youth in employment, business and other entrepreneurship areas with access to affordable housing, recreation and sports.
  • The Commonwealth Youth City will be a development based on demand driven by youth tailored to the needs, aspirations and lifestyle of the younger generation.
  • The Commonwealth Youth City as an inclusive development with diversity planning objectives based on economic, social and environmental factors that enable every segment of society be utilized based on the country's growth and prosperity and opportunities of the resources and services of the city.

Youth City Community

  • ■ A community of sustainable smart cities with focus on improving livelihoods by empowering youth to use technology and innovation as an enabler.
  • ■ Community can provide solution to security and socio-economic implications of changing centres of urban population. This would also enhance integration of the Commonwealth member states allowing it to be more socially, economically, environmentally and politically engaged.
  • ■ Approach will be based on partnership with community members and involvement of private sector and civil societies. The partnership would be a voluntary matching process.
  • ■ Community will serve as a knowledge network to complement each other, instead of direct competition. With innovative funding mechanism, private sector and public will partner in the planning and development of the cities with active engagement of the civil society.
  • ■ This initiative also has the potential to prepare international organisations to the future of international cooperation especially in a global environment where digital technology informs and influences the way we live, work and interact.

  • Capital: Canberra
  • Population: 24.5 million
  • Commonwealth Innovation Ranking: 5
  • Global Innovation Ranking: 23


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